Irony in action: antichoice whinge edition

Within 24 hours of appearing on Close Up, Alison McCulloch of ALRANZ received a threatening email directed at her and the Southland abortion clinic.

ProLife New Zealand decided this was a great opportunity to stage an online performance art piece known colloquially as “Witness The Gigantic Throbbing Double Standard“, by first stating ALRANZ is:

making a MASSIVE deal out of a SOLITARY and anonymous email which they claim is threatening violence against them

… and then, entitling their post “The very real violence and intimidation of the pro-CHOICE movement in NZ” they …

have a massive cry over a solitary four-year-old YouTube video.

Yes, “real violence” indeed.  (It uses cuss words!  Oh noes!  And also, I totally heard from my friend’s cousin’s brother-in-law that someone totally tried to set a prolifer on fire this one time.  Trufax.  Because that wouldn’t be the kind of thing antichoicers would raise at every single opportunity.)

Meanwhile, Wikipedia has a whole article on “antiabortion violence” and … sweet fuck all on “prochoice violence”.  Fucking Conservapedia does not mention “violence” in its article on abortion once.

It may just pay to note that this is happening in the context of Southlanders For Hate saying they “would continue to find ways to stop the [Southland] abortion services from continuing”.

Sorry, antichoice scum.  The simple fact of the matter is that, to someone who doesn’t buy your contemptible Holocaust comparisons, only one side of this debate has an extensive history of violence against the other.

So please, stop embarrassing yourselves by pretending that there is even a vague equivalence between the angry rhetoric of prochoicers and your movement actually killing people.  I’ll even be charitable and ignore all the pregnant people you’ve been happy to let die – whether from haemmhoraging to death on hotel room floors, committing suicide, or simply being denied lifesaving medical treatment – and ask you this:  who’s your Dr Tiller, you sadistic, controlling, violence-inciting thugs?


More on this from Green MP Jan Logie, who’s fucking awesome, and Maryan Street.  Who may be, but that’s the level of profile of stroppy Labour women for you.


    • QoT

      Well, they may have a point there. The prochoice movement is well-known for just making up threats. And then presumably planting bombs in clinics and shooting ourselves.

      (But of course there’s no connection between saying ALRANZ is making it up and the long history of women being abused for speaking out and then told they’re just imagining it. No connection at all.)

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