So, the compassionate, caring, just-in-it-for-the-innocent-babies forces of evil in Southland have decided to not only harass healthcare workers, but to “name and shame” them.

Take it away, old white never-pregnant dude Norm Maclean:

Spokesperson Norman MacLean says patients have the right to know if their midwife is delivering a baby one day and the next day is terminating a pregnancy.

This must be part of the antichoice “full information” campaign, which is all about lying and exaggerating to make abortion scary informing people.

I think Norm has a point, though.

We do deserve to know if our medical professionals are performing one aspect of their jobs one day, and a possibly-contradictory-if-you-squint-really-hard aspect of their jobs on another.

We need to, as the hashtag goes, Name The Dentists.

Think about it.  Sure, your dentist is all smiles and tooth-cleaning one day, but did you know that the next day, she might be removing someone’s teeth?

Your dentist might really seem to care about your children’s teeth, but the next day, he could be trying to reshape another kid’s teeth in an abominable perversion of God’s true mouth design!

And we need to remember that it’s not just the dentists.  The patients aren’t all just innocent people with teeth.  Some of them may very well have brought tooth decay on themselves by eating too much Raro before bed and not brushing twice a day!

Does their tooth deserve to die just because they’re irresponsible?

Some people go to dentists for purely cosmetic reasons!

We need to name and shame the dentists who, without any regard for morals or the sanctity of life of the bacteria in your mouth, happily let mouth-sluts get off scot-free from a lifetime of poor brushing technique.

Join me, friends.  #namethedentists.  For the sake of our children.


The topic’s also come up on Close Up tonight, but I’ve MySkyed it … until I’ve had a few preparatory vodkas.  Ranting tomorrow, I promise.


  1. Jamie

    Speaking of teeth (And also eyes!) what is with dental and vision being extra, ‘cosmetic’ needs? Shouldn’t kids be seeing dentists regularly? Shouldn’t we all be going to see dentists when things hurt, rather than waiting until it is unbearable and needs a root canal or extraction because, even if most of the time the pain fades, it doesn’t mean things are better?

    And vision, why are glasses not covered as a basic need, and yearly eye tests for all? I haven’t had new glasses in almost 8 years because lenses are just too expensive for me ($300+ at a minimum, for coke bottles that lead directly to pain because of their weight) even though they clearly haven’t been strong enough in years?

    I think both are clear signs how little we actually value health care, let alone valuing women-specific health care. In a world where we wanted to HELP people, not just keep things cheap and provide minimum life saving services, things like eyes, teeth, and vaginas would just be things that are dealt with, not things that cripple one, emotionally, physically, fiscally and otherwise. But as long as we want things on the cheap, anyone with a grudge against a service will always have an in with, at the very least, ‘it is too expensive!’ and ‘costs are ballooning and YOU! have to pay for OTHER PEOPLE’S! teeth and contraception and abortions!’

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