No surprise here: Family First doesn’t really put families first

Having been pretty much trounced on the marriage equality issue, Family First is now targeting Bills aimed at creating equality in our adoption laws.

And in a completely predictable move, they’re just bald-faced lying about the current legal situation and pretending that any families or relationships which don’t match up to their imaginary 1950s nuclear family utopia just don’t exist.

Point 1:  There is no shortage of stable married hetero cis couples willing to adopt

Non-family adoptions are certainly pretty rare in NZ.  So … if we make it legal for same-sex couples to adopt, they won’t actually be able to adopt any children and thus brainwash them into the Gay Agenda.  No problem there, really.

Ah, but that leads us to point 2:

Point 2:  Adopting kids to same-sex couples where there’s no biological connection is wrong!

But we’ve already established that out-of-family adoptions are rare.  And apparently the lack of common DNA isn’t a problem when it’s hetero married people doing it, so … I still don’t see their problem.

Point 3:  Motherless and fatherless families!

It honestly never ceases to amaze me that we as a society continue to put any faith in the opinions of an organisation (that is, one-man band) which is so obviously anti-family.

Bob McCoskrie thinks no family can possibly be good for a child unless it’s a monogamous, heterosexual, cisgendered, married set of parents.

So fuck you, people whose partners died.  You should’ve grabbed the nearest available bachelor/bachelorette and stuck a ring on their finger.

Fuck you, people who got divorced.  You should’ve stayed together despite the dysfunction or the arguments or the abuse.  Or made sure you both had new hetero lifepartners lined up asap before you split.

Fuck you, step-parents.  You don’t have a biological connection to the kids you’re raising so obviously that makes you a failure.

And fuck you, all the extended families, the blended families, the grandparents.  If your cock or vag was not involved in the conception of a child, you’re an automatic failure in any role you may try to play in a child’s life.

Oh, and children?  Please remember that the only male role model in your life can be the guy who ejaculated in your mum, and the only female role model in your life can be the uterus-carrier who squeezed you out.  Any suggestion that your uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, teachers, or family friends could have an effect on your life is a big gay lie.

The reality is this:  moves to make it legal for same-sex couples to adopt is largely about families who already exist.  Families where there’s already a parental relationship with your partner’s kids.

All Family First really wants to achieve by opposing these bills is to make life harder for stable, loving families, just because they have an unhealthy obsession with the genitalia and sex lives of the people doing the parenting in those families.

And they’re willing to throw all the other non-standard families in this country under the bus to do it.

Note: Kevin Hague’s Bill addresses a number of other issues with our current adoption laws, including making them more open to Maaori traditional practice, but of course Bob McCoskrie doesn’t care about that, just what junk your parents have in their trunk.  And props to National’s Nikki Kaye for working with Hague on the Bill.