This “obese” needs help to stop gut-laughing

I mean, seriously, people.  The Dominion Post SCREAMED today, “Obese need help to kick addiction”.

Even if you buy into the idea that “food is an addiction” (yeah, just like oxygen and having a pulse) how is that even news?

Oh, right, because someone decided that Doug Sellman needed another 15 minutes of fame, this time to rark us all up about THE OBESITY EPIDEMIC WHICH WILL KILL US ALL.

Pity the facts aren’t on his side, like, at all, but apparently if you’re Doug Sellman just saying “a whole bunch of people might have shoes on right now!” gets you the front page of the [I assume] second-biggest newspaper in the country.  After the Armstrong toy-throwing of last week, I ask again, what does a ranty bitch have to DO to get published?

Anyway, here’s some far more eloquent people taking down the usual myths about OOOOOOBEEEEEEEESITYYYYYYY (and unlike Doug Sellman and John Armstrong, they include LINKS to actual EVIDENCE):

Fat Fiction – Fat people eat less than thin people

Junkfood Science – How we’ve come to believe that overeating causes obesity

Via Fat Head, a documentary – Why thin people aren’t fat

But I have only this to ask you, dear readers.

Are you seriously going to be swayed by a LIST OF THE MOST ADDICTIVE FOODS which seriously includes “alcohol” and “takeaways” in its top 10?

Not specific “takeaways”.  Just all food which may be purchased in a handy carry-bag, apparently.  Yes, that means you too, Subway, and you, Pita Pit, and Kapai salads, and Tank smoothies.  You thought you were safe just because you followed the low-fat five-servings-of-fruit-and-veg party line!  TOO BAD, up against the wall with you, right next to McD’s and KFC.

And … “alcohol”.  That well-known food group.

Doug Sellman is going to say alcohol is an addictive food, make completely baseless claims about addiction (how very responsible of him), and publish a list clearly created by walking around the office saying “Hey, what’s the one food you are totally, lol, addicted to?” and you’re going to put him on the front page of the Dominion Post?










  1. peterlepaysan

    Food must be an addiction. I have to have some several times a day..
    Paula Bennet should stop feeding all those addicts.

    Think of the money Bill (double dipton) English could save.

    Food, not hunger, is the root cause of all our problems.

    Actually the science is glaringly obvious.

    the problem is caused by ignorant and lazy medical professionals, a group calling themselves nutritionists and /or dietic(t)ians (spelling optional) working in cahoots with suppliers of (alleged)
    foods loaded with glucose inducing and fat generating chemicals.

    The science is not difficult. Institutionalised bull shit is the problem.

    • QoT

      I don’t believe we have an absolutely clear scientific consensus on the root causes of body size, peter (even taking out the obvious commercial spin) but certainly what consensus there is points in entirely the opposite direction to Sellman and the usual pundits.

      • peterlepaysan

        I appreciate you being cautious.
        The appropriate amount of stored body fat that various individuals can carry without jeopardising their health has NEVER been established.

        I doubt that an Inuit, a Bedouin,, a Tierra del Fuegan,, a Berliner, a New Yorker,or, dare I say it , a New Zealander with identical weights and fat weights would be at identical (statistical) risks.

        Most of our “celeb” sports people are obese. They weigh too much for their chassis.
        they have indulged in “body building” regimes.

        The elephant in the room is is glaringly obvious.
        Excessive and incessant glucose production caused by very inappropriate diet;

        the research papers on this go back decades.

        For latest stuff on this check out

        Volek and Phinney

        Gary Taubes

  2. Rosco

    Answer to last question:
    Be a little more succinct, show some real research and a little less sarcasm in the delivery may work wonders for you.

    • QoT

      What utter bullshit, Rosco. Given I’m referencing posts/articles which are not succinct (or average around 500 words, same as my blog posts) and demonstrate no research nor evidence and (in the case of Armstrong especially) are entirely based on petty sarcasm (but, unlike my posts, just happen to be written by old white establishment dudes) …

      Well, I’m just going to have to go with FUCK YOUR TONE ARGUMENT, GTFO MY BLOG. K, thx, bai.

        • QoT

          I’m sure you think you’re making some very clever point, Rosco, but would you mind explaining it to the rest of the class so we can share in the joke?

          Unless of course your only point was actually “be more ladylike, no one likes a catty bitch” which sadly I do not find particularly compelling.

  3. MJ

    Um, excuse you QoT, I live my life with alcohol as a valid food group.

    Also, I have asked my MIL in all seriousness how I can get paid to be an uninformed bigot, because I’m thinking that’s a lucrative career path.

    • QoT

      Alcohol is totally a valid part of adult lifestyles, but even if we include it as an “addictive” food we’re in the same territory as “takeaways” – how does Sellman lump in diet tonic G&Ts with a pint of Guinness vs. a Vodka Cruiser?

      • MJ

        Or MJs, because I am class enough to have a drink named after me in several Wellington bars and the level at which my partner and I drink them they should probably be an entire food group to themselves 😉

        Also, you’re asking Sellman to apply logic. You’re probably better off just pouring a(nother) glass of wine ^_^

        • QoT

          But … but he’s in the paper, MJ! On the front page! Surely that means he knows what he’s talking about? Have the media being lying to me all this time???

          Besides, tonight is a Jaegermeister RTD night, not a wine night. #iamnewzealandsbingedrinkingculture

        • MJ

          OMG you’re right, I totally forgot that being a dude on the front page of the Dominion Post legitimises everything you ever say, don’t ask me, I’m just a girl, hairtwirl, etc.