How to tell you’re not doing so well as Leader of the Opposition

1.  Announce some actual good policy which actually counters the current Government’s entire rhetoric and approach to something.

2.  Prime Minister delivers usual “like I even care” response specifically to your announcement.

3.  Story about PM’s horrible response is entirely characterised by snappy rebuttal from other, smaller political parties.

Lesson:  no one gives a shit about Excalibur when Metiria and Hone are busting out the snappy “la la land” and catchy, going-to-be-a-hit-with-the-new-generation-who-know-just-enough-te-reo-to-think-it’s-cool “full puku”.

And unfortunately, it might just be that Shearer wasn’t even offered a chance to respond to Key’s comments, because he’s so bloody boring – whereas the Greens and Hone Harawira always give good odds on an interesting soundbite.

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