Sean Plunket says it all re the Dowse exhibit

Remember my thoughts on Paul Young’s complaint about the Dowse exhibit which men can’t see?

But here’s the thing that pisses me off:  it seems like old white dudes like Paul Young have honestly drunk the anti-PC KoolAid.  They sincerely believe that the Human Rights Commission has some kind of god-like power to storm the Dowse, tear down the curtains around Sophia Al-Maria’s exhibit and instantly beam its images into the heads of all good Kiwi men so that SEXIST OPPRESSION SHALL BE NO MORE!!!!

Boy, is he in for a surprise.

Lest you think I was just being an hysterical feminist, here’s how Sean Plunket literally thinks the mediation process should go:

1: The commission tells the Dowse and the council it appears to be breaching our laws on discrimination. 2: The council and the Dowse say sorry and lift the restrictions. 3: The complainants say thank you to the commission for upholding the law and to the council and the Dowse for pulling their heads in. 4: The outcome of the mediation is made public.

That’s right.  At the merest appearance of discrimination, without weighing any of the actual harm involved (you know, like our actual law requires) the Gallery should instantly back down and says “oh shit, sorry, I’ll do whatever the whiney white men want.”

(And, just by-the-by, breach their agreement with the artist and her participants.  But who cares, right, they’re just silly brown women who Need To Be Saved.)

Do you think this is actually how Sean Plunket thinks our human rights framework works?  Or just how it should work when the group being “oppressed” (by, let’s remember, not being allowed to see a three-minute video screened in a storage area which the participants don’t consent to them seeing) is entitled dudes?

Full kudos to commenter no. 1, Guy, for summing this up in terms even Sean and Paul Young should be able to understand:

Sean, you’re being rather silly. It is the same as a man wanting to go and look inside a women’s changing room. While you might well want to sneak a peek at what they look like with their clothes off / veils off, the women concerned do not want men to see them like that, and so men are banned from the changing room. Anyone caught drilling holes in the changing room walls is arrested and branded a pervert. End of story.



  1. Giovanni

    Can’t decide if the piece is more sexist or more lazy. It will never cease to amaze me that columnists in NZ can turn in essays that would get a C grade in high school and still be published.

    • QoT

      Lazily sexist? Per our Twitter conversation, at least scum like Lhaws would’ve put some effort into slagging off Muslim women. Sean just seems confused that the world hasn’t given him everything he wants.

  2. Jolly Wot

    LOL at Sean “life is beer and balls” Plunket.

    Here’s a headline for him,

    Teh Menz threatened by plywood box, calls in HRC.