Thank you, Colin and Bob #marriageequality

I really do want to thank Colin Craig and Bob McCoskrie for this much:  they may have done far more work than we filthy smut-peddling liberals could ever have done to make people realise how utterly repellent the “religious right” / “moral majority” is.

I keep seeing comments on Facebook where, for example, Colin and Bob’s Australian counterparts have declared smoking is better for your health than letting same-sex couples marry.  Good, ordinary, decent New Zealanders who aren’t particularly political, aren’t raving feminists like myself, are sitting back and thinking/typing, “Why the hell would they say that?”

And there, a lovely window of opportunity opens.  An opportunity to say, “Well.  You know how Bob and Colin and their friends keep talking about the specialness of marriage and respecting other people?  When they say things like that, they’re basically saying that gay men (because it’s always gay men for Bob and Colin) are promiscuous and unsafe and all have AIDS.  They’re repeating propaganda from the 80s.  And you know what?  They think you will agree with them.”

Watch, as the common or garden variety Kiwi recoils in horror.  “But – but I just thought marriage was neat!  I thought civil unions meant the same thing!  I don’t hate gay people!”

“I’m sorry, dear Ordinary New Zealander,” we get to say.  “But the people who keep talking about marriage being special are really just a bunch of gay-bashers who do hate gay people.”

So thanks, Colin and Bob and your many and varied companion-bigots.  You’re  converting far more people to our side than we could ever have managed.