The thin end of the wedge: art edition

Background here.

Paul Young, who really, really has to see a video of women who agreed to be filmed under the condition men not look at them, thinks this whole Dowse thing is “the thin end of the wedge.”

I agree.  Why, allow this 3-minute video to be shown off in a tiny blocked-off out-of-the-way of a public gallery, and what’s next? Five-minute videos?  Ten??????  My god, they might extend it to an area larger than a toilet cubicle!  It might not be tucked away behind the reception desk!

Seriously, though, watch the 3News video.  Now when they’re talking about Paul and his mates “politely asking” to see something in the full knowledge it violates the wishes of the participants, who talks about “respectfully declining”?  The gallery head does.  Who brings up “maybe they’ll call in the police!!!!”?  Paul Young does.  Gee, which side do you think is trying to stir shit up?  Which side do you think has a grandiose sense of entitlement?

If the Dowse Gallery is clever, they will have a handy power switch at reception which will stop the exhibit playing if any entitled wankers like Paul Young try to bully their way into an exhibition which does not affect them, does not impede them, does not harm them – except for the terrible damage done to their privilege.

Paul Young is hopeful they’ll “sway” the issue – i.e. the exhibit will be “canned” and no one will be allowed to see it.  Because Muslim women’s ability to have private spaces and interactions outside the male gaze is that fucking threatening, apparently.

White male privilege:  you haz it, Paul.


  1. MJ

    But QoT, he is a Straight White Dude and by God, if he wants to see a woman’s body, then that desire is far more important than a silly little thing like permission.

    • QoT

      It’s especially silly since, of course, women aren’t able to give permission. Only their pater familias can give permission for them.

      • MJ

        Obviously. And of course, the burqa, niqab, hijab, etc are simply TOOLS OF THEIR OWN OPPRESSION and Really Nice Guys like Paul Young are actually HELPING TO BREAK DOWN THAT OPPRESSION. You know, forcibly.


  2. Giovanni Tiso

    I shudder every time I think of Stuff commenter Simon, who stated that he *will* go to the premiere and he *will* see the exhibit. I hope there’s a codicil that empowers the curators to tase him.

    • QoT

      I hope they just hit the “off” button and then stare at him blankly until he goes away. But would happily bet real-life money that he won’t show his face because … um … something more important came up! Simon’s a busy man with lots of stuff to do!

      • QoT

        The idea’s been floating around Twitter, but I would love to see people do it. I feel that just having a group of people there to give the staff moral support and stare blankly at the dudebros would achieve a huge amount.

        • MJ

          I’ve failed at Twitter a bit lately, but yeah, if this is a happening thing I am so there. Because fuck those entitled douchecanoes.

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