Family First and Miriam Grossman lying to our schools

Leading today’s “most full-of-shit” headlines:

Schools informed of agenda of sex ed groups

but I’m sure I can’t blame Voxy for that.  The opening:

Family First NZ has sent a DVD presentation entitled “You’re Teaching My Child What? Sex Education: A Psychiatrist Calls Foul” to every school principal and every Board of Trustees in New Zealand, highlighting the dangers of Family Planning and Rainbow Youth’s sex education programmes, resources and websites which fail to tell the full facts and which compromise the concerns and wishes of parents, and the safety of young people.

After that it’s basically a copy-paste of their arguments from the last round of this particular lie-cycle, which may leave you wondering exactly what the “agenda” of these malicious “sex ed groups” is.  The closest thing you can find in the actual text is:

The current approach … says the moral absolute is – use condoms.

Which is obviously a terrible, terrible message (actually true, insofar as it ignores non-condom-relevant sexy fun times.)

But it’s not much of an agenda.

Here’s my theory:  the usual catch-cry in United States antichoice propaganda is “Planned Parenthood profits off killing babies”.  But in NZ we have that most terrible of things, free healthcare.  Which means on the few occasions Family First etc, whose rhetoric and arguments are basically copy-pasted from US antichoice orgs, have tried to play the “evil doctors want to make your daughters pregnant so they can make money” card, it’s entirely failed to create any real drama.

But fundies aren’t particularly creative, so they’ve stuck with the SCARY HIDDEN AGENDA tagline and then failed to realise they don’t mention what said scary hidden agenda is.

Of course, there’s plenty of implication left:  the word “agenda” when connected with groups like Rainbow Youth (who do a fucking good job combating the kind of hate-speech which Family First et al propagate under the guise of “values” … and then act all shocked when we have rampant STIs and youth suicide) obviously connotes the Gay Agenda, by which evil homosexuals try to Turn Our Kids Gay with subversive messages about “listening to your feelings” and “not hating yourself”.

Final point:

Judging by the current approach’s results – which is a good place to start – sex education has been an utter failure.

You’ve got to love how a one-man band like Family First, which is apparently dedicated to not letting your kids know about penises and vaginas and clitorises, claims that our current rates of STIs and teen pregnancy is entirely the fault of the system they continually undermine.  A system which isn’t a mandatory part of our school curriculums, and which is implemented on a school-by-school basis.

If Family First had a smidgen of intellectual honesty (ha) they’d compare the rates of STIs and pregnancies in schools which allow and promote Family Planning and Rainbow Youth and furthermore place importance on teaching kids about sex and feelings and consent, with those schools where kids’ exposure to naughty naughty sex is limited to a lecture about how AIDS will kill you and a screening of The Silent Scream.

I’m pretty sure it would be illuminating.  Which is why they don’t do it.