Phil Twyford, taking a truly brave stand on marriage equality

After “weeks” of consultation with his electorate, Phil Twyford MP has stunned us all by coming out (yes, I know) on the side of marriage equality.

Honestly, with the Bill already looking to be over the hurdle, and with even John fucking Banks in favour of it (apparently making an actual sacrifice, lifting his party’s actual principles over his personal beliefs), I’m just so not giving any applause on this one.

Especially where the Member for Te Atatū is concerned.  A little history:

1999:  Chris Carter re-elected MP for Te Atatū, majority of 9,262, having previously served 1993-96 and defeated by a margin of 107 votes by Brian Neeson.

2002:  Chris Carter re-elected MP for Te Atatū, majority of 12,932

2005: Chris Carter re-elected MP for Te Atatū, majority of 10,447

2007: Chris Carter becomes first MP and former Cabinet Minister of NZ to be united with his partner, who happens to be also a dude, in a civil union.

2008: In a fucking shocking year for Labour, Chris Carter re-elected MP for Te Atatū, majority of 5,298

2011:  Phil Twyford elected MP for Te Atatū, majority 5,416.

Yes, the mighty constituents of Te Atatū:  truly a bunch of redneck homophobes whose hands needing holding and worries needed soothing during this difficult debate.

I’m not angry.  I’m just eyebrow-raisingly disappointed.


Anyone who wants to start calling me a splitter and saying I’m an ungrateful bitch, how dare I not shower all supporters of marriage equality with bouquets and gift baskets?  You don’t get cookies for doing the right thing, and you especially don’t get cookies for being a cocktease over people’s human rights and then miraculously coming out in favour of your own party’s policy in an electorate which routinely elected an openly gay man for nearly ten years.


    • QoT

      Ugh. Mind you, that’s probably exactly the kind of leadership the Labour caucus are looking for, to judge by Shearer.

  1. David

    Not to mention John Hayes representing the Wairarapa, the same electorate the voted in Georgina Beyer (a former prostitute and post-op transexual), trying to claim that his electorate wasn’t ready for this kind of thing. What a load of absolute codswallop!

    At least Phil Twyford had the sense to come around to a more sensible point of view. As a resident of the Wairarapa I feel absolutely ashamed of this man who claims to represent our views.

    • QoT

      I loved (I mean hated) how Hayes threw Beyer under the bus for her support and advocacy of prostitution reform during the marriage equality debate.

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