On falsifying rape charges to take down An Hero

Not even mentioning the name, you all know who I’m talking about.

But I wanted to repeat a comment I made on The Standard:

My question, weka, is why are otherwise-intelligent people sincerely trying to argue that being charged with rape is Totally The Worst Thing Ever?

We all know that very few rapes get reported, even fewer get prosecuted, an infinitesimal number get convictions, and whenever the accused is a celebrity (reference: any rugby played accused of sexual assault EVER) there is in fact the complete oppositeof a negative societal response. Woman’s Weekly covers are practically guaranteed.

Yet we’re meant to believe that the Globalised US Hegemony can’t come up with better shit than rape accusations? At least in Blake’s 7 they had a sufficient understanding of human culture to make it child molestation.


Further thoughts:  it’s like people who whinge about “freedom of speech” when what they mean is “freedom from being told your speech is offensive and wrong”.  You sit there thinking, “Hello?  The moderators let through multiple, maybe dozens, of your comments before declaring it was off-topic and derailing.  If they really wanted an echo chamber they’d probably have cut you off from the word go.”

Similarly, here:  the sheer volume of people, including celebrities and mainstream media, who are jumping up to support a person accused of rape … and they don’t see how the widespread support he’s getting is kind of illustrative that rape isn’t the death-knell of celebrity, isn’t a one-way ticket to Gitmo, isn’t actually doing much to harm An Hero’s reputation?

No, clearly it’s the Feminist Hive Mind at work, so powerful we have to, um, keep Rosemary McLeod churning out shitty columns in order to obfuscate our real plans for world domination through rape complaints.


  1. Tim G.

    My understanding is that the indefinite article only takes an “n” before a vowel sound (see what I did there?)

    That means that whilst it is sometimes appropriate before an “h” when it is not voiced (e.g., it’s an honour to be here for an hour and it would be an honest thing to say that I make this post as an homage to an heiress born of an annoying grammarphile all because I’ve been smoking an herb that’s loved by the Americans more than us), it is wrong to say “an Hero” as the h is very much voiced.

    • QoT

      And that would be a great contribution if I weren’t referencing an admittedly immature internet meme.

      My understanding is that people who make as much effort as you just did to correcting a person’s grammar without a single reference to the actual point of the post are probably wankers. (Your average harmless commenter would just have stuck with “it’s not an, it’s a, you stupid bitch.”)

      • Tim G.

        Cool meme, bro. Sorry you think I’m a wanker, evidently you are much cooler than me and plugged in and generation 2.0.

        Next time I’ll just come out and say it: proof-read your posts before you put them up. Do a cohesion check. Try to ensure its a clear and effective piece of communication so that viewers can easily engage with it. And don’t abuse first time visitors to you blog. And also, to quote John Pilger, “Just read… read”.

        • QoT

          1. Not your bro
          2. I thought I already made it clear it was a deliberate “error”, so go proof-read your ass.
          3. I’ll fucking do what I fucking like and if you deign to spend more than … oh … a minute around here you’d have worked that out.

  2. Ben

    I don’t get how people don’t see the evasion (rather than confrontation of and attempt to disprove the accusations) as harming the organisation said hero fronts. As much as one admires the work of the organization, evasion and continual association with the organization in headlines regarding evasion make it seem more and more like the organization is a one man band consisting of aforementioned hero.

    Which is disappointing, as one would like the work of said organization to continue, preferably without a tarnished hero in charge. And whilst not being in full possession of the facts, one doesn’t like to pass judgement until the courts have done their business, but continued evasion does make me more inclined to assume said hero has something to hide, rather than that he is being all noble and shit. Which makes me think less of the heroic organisation that everyone seems to want to defend. It’s all arse backwards.

    • QoT

      I completely agree. And when your (or, to be charitable, your lawyers’) first response to allegations like this is to start saying “CIA HONEYTRAP!!!!” then I’m seriously going to doubt your sincerity/integrity credentials.