Wellington Rape Crisis is okay – for now

Wellington Rape Crisis has managed to achieve its funding goal in just a week (yes, somewhat thanks to a bunch of sensationalist marketing wanks who fucked up and tried to buy their way out of it).  This means they can keep operating – for this financial year.

And that’s ignoring the fact that their return to “full” services is still only five days a week.  They can’t afford to be a 24/7 organisation.

So their problems aren’t over.  They need ongoing support, and since our government provides minimal financial aid – and does such a spectacular job of supporting sexual violence survivors themselves – that means we have to keep doing it.

Of course, this is the rightwing dream:  see, we all have our own money and we choose where to spend it!

Except Rape Crisis isn’t a bakery.  It’s not a car yard.  It provides a very necessary service to people in need, and its survival shouldn’t be premised on its appeal or urgent pleas for aid when things get too tight.

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