Wellington Rape Crisis needs your help

As of Monday, Wellington Rape Crisis has had to cut its services to sexual assault victims from 5 days a week to 4.

They need $55,000 by 1 April or they can’t keep operating.

Our government does as little as it possibly can for survivors of sexual assault.  We shouldn’t need organisations like Wellington Rape Crisis filling a much-needed gap, but they do.  Between 2011 and 2012 their client contacts have nearly doubled and now they can only provide their incredibly-needed help from Monday to Thursday each week.

As the PSA says, they need more than cake stalls.

You can donate to Rape Crisis through their Fundy page and learn more on their Facebook page.

Please help Wellington Rape Crisis.

My single cynical thought on this whole thing is that maybe if the Salvation Army weren’t a bunch of preachy, charity-hogging thugs, Rape Crisis might be in a better financial position.


  1. notbigondignity

    Thanks for your support QOT. The agency appreciates all the support that the community is showing us.

    (Pity it’s coming down to donations to help save the services and not reliable Government support, ey?)

    • QoT

      Well, it’s not like sexual violence, especially towards women, affects our GDP. Therefore it can’t really be a serious political issue, and I think you’ll find all the old white men running our major political parties agree. Ugh.

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