Unintentional (one presumes) grossness from antichoicers

[Content note:  bad antichoice prose and classic sci-fi body horror]

Via ALRANZ, check out this nauseating, if not horrifying, spiel about the ~wonders of childbirth~:

Don’t you think all of us need to celebrate together the beauty of the human in it’s earliest moments?
The beauty of a baby as it takes shape in its mother – hands slowly forming and reaching out – the face already taking on character and expression – the beautiful fluid filled cavity it occupies inside its mother safe and snug as she carries it forward to that historic day when the child bursts into our amazing world on that day that will forever be remembered as its birthday.

“Beautiful fluid filled cavity”.  That’s what you are, pregnant people.

But let’s focus on the bonus ick factor:  “hands slowly reaching out”?  “bursts”?

A still from the movie "Alien" in which a parasite bursts out of John Hurt's chest. Gross.Here’s the cluebat, antichoicers:  pregnancy probably is a fantastic wonderful glowing experience for some people.  Some people who want to be pregnant.  Per the above screenshot?  Our culture is actually pretty down with the notion that having another organism live off your body against your will is pretty fucking terrible.

But what would I know?  I’m just the casing of a beautiful fluid-filled cavity.



  1. Mr Wainscotting

    There are so much innuendo I could play with “beautiful fluid-filled cavity”, but as a resident penis-haver I don’t think it’s my place…

    I’m more annoyed at the catholic’s bishop of Dunedin wanting “to prevent this culture of death spreading in our country,” and stop Southland’s abortion clinic.