Colin Craig: why is anyone listening to this dude, again?

I mean, we’re talking about a dude who claims some level of expertise on parenting and family dynamics, and then when actually put on the spot and asked how many same-sex parenting couples he knows, answers:

“I actually do know of a couple, I don’t know them well. I wouldn’t say they were friends of mine.”

Colin Craig doesn’t have a lot of gay friends?  I can tell you’re shocked.

Anyway, the delightful judgmental asshat touched today on one of my least favourite tropes: the “only bio-daddy and bio-mummy can possibly raise normal kids” line.

“The differences between homosexuals as parents and a mum and a dad as parents are very, very significant,” he says.

“Seeing how an adult woman and an adult man live and how they work together is fantastic, positive and important for children.”

In Colin Craig’s world, parenting is basically nothing more than correctly acting out his mythical 1950s Perfect Gender Roles so that the kiddies will thoughtlessly mimic those roles and nothing will ever inflame Colin’s massive throbbing bigotry gland.

Let’s remember that Colin Craig, and allies like Bob McCoskrie and his imaginary friends, are the people pretending to be about love.  Pretending to be about compassion.  Pretending to give a shit about children.

Yet Colin Craig, right there, said to a hell of a lot of people, “You aren’t good parents.  You’re messing up children’s lives.”

Even if you’re a widow or widower, doing your best for the kids after a parent has died.  Even if you’re a grandparent, stepping in to help your own kids when they can’t handle the responsibility of childrearing.  Even if you’re an auntie or an uncle who’s always there for them, if you’re a cousin who lives in the same house and babysits them while their parents have to work, even if you’re an older sibling who’s stepped into the parental role –

Colin Craig thinks you aren’t worth shit, basically.  Because

“Love is not all that matters.”

So screw you.  You might be looking out for a kid, you might be the person who feeds and clothes them, helps them with their homework, takes them to the park, teaches them how to knit or fish or ride a bike, but if you’re not playing a part in some ludicrous Don and Betty Draper masquerade?  The people who claim to be for families and about children think you’re worthless.

Because the junk in his pants and the flowers on her apron are what really helps kids.

How wonderfully caring.


  1. Mr Wainscotting

    I’m going to steal something a friend just posted in response to Colin’s wankering on the Conservative Party’s Facebook page:

    “LGBT people aren’t an abstract concept that can be debated as if there are no real world ramifications. Whenever this debate pops up invariably it comes down to a combination of

    -You’re filthy sinners
    -You’re unhealthy
    -You’re shit parents
    -You’re all promiscuous
    -You’re unnatural
    -I don’t like to think about you in anything more than a PG setting and you showing even the slightest affection sets me into gaysexrage

    It’s incredibly dehumanising. Nobody takes your existence, your relationships or your feelings as a challenge or something that it’s appropriate to pass judgement on. Please extend the courtesy.”

    The wankbiscuit keeps saying “let’s have an intelligent debate”, wanting it void of emotive language. But he can’t; nobody can — and we shouldn’t let them. We’re talking about real people, with real emotions, real dignity, and real rights. It’s about fucking time all those things were recognised.

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