Protect marriage! No, really

Yep, in no time at all Bob McCoskrie and all his little friends have put up a vomitously saccharine anti-marriage-equality website, full of all your favourite memes:

Marriage is about babies!

Yet we let infertile couples marry.  We let trans people (only after surgery) marry as their identified gender.  We let people well past the age of child-bearing marry.  We don’t forcibly dissolve marriages after X years if no children have been produced, and the Marriages Act makes no reference to childbearing nor rearing as a purpose of marriage.

The state shouldn’t redefine marriage!

The state already has.  It “defined” marriage when it created laws affecting married people.  It changed that definition when it allowed divorce, when it made marital rape actual rape, when it acknowledged de facto couples who haven’t said the magic words as basically equivalent in terms of property rights.

There’s only one logical solution:

Since the State has naughtily “defined” marriage, ignoring the “real” focus on having children, ignoring the “true” nature of marriage …

Obviously, the State should get out of the marriage game.

Stop providing benefits to married people.  Stop treating married couples as different from any other kind of cohabiting pair or group of adults.  Leave it all up to the churches and the individuals to do whatever the fuck they want to do to celebrate their union, and have nothing to do with it.

Ban straight marriage, basically.

I look forward to Bob McCoskrie’s lobbying on this matter.  Since obviously he just cares about marriage, and isn’t at all a homophobic bigot using Hallmark card platitudes to push hatred and discrimination on loving, committed couples.

But if he really wants to keep pushing that line he might want to ask his mates to stop making laughable “marry my dog” comparisons.

And he might want to not have known cyberstalkers queuing up to sign his petition the moment it goes live.


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