Abortion services in Southland Hospital

I kind of love how most of my updates on this issue comes from the antichoicers whinging about it.  Of course, that’s the latest whinge: that no one told them about it, and after all they have a sovereign right to shove their noses in other people’s medical decisions.

Translated from the original BS:  no one told us about this new service, even though the DHB has explained it’s not a new service (i.e. the DHB hasn’t gone from “not doing abortions” to “abortion party” overnight), it’s moving a current service closer to where its patients are.

This makes perfect sense if you’re such a judgmental douchewad you refuse to accept that people in your own little godly community are having abortions.

Also, there’s been NO consultation!  It’s almost like some panel of experts were just able to look at data and think, “Right, well X% of our patients actually live in Y community, and Z would be a closer place for them to receive that treatment.”

Doesn’t Southern DHB realise that data is a communist lie?  It should have consulted with those members of the community whose opinions the antichoicers agree with.  Before basing its decisions on best medical practice.  Those baby-killers.

They further demand to know why the DHB has been so “secretive” about introducing abortion services at Southland Hospital.

I mean, it’s a good question, because we live in a day and age where no one has to worry about harassment or threats or dying when they acknowledge the existing need for abortion.

No, wait, it’s the other thing: the thing where we do live in an age where, strangely enough because of antichoice fucks like Southlanders For Telling You What To Do With Your Uterus, people can’t just be honest and upfront about the existence of abortion.  People literally cannot just say, “People in Southland are having abortions, and we are making it safer for them.”

Because that’s borderline radical, that is.

Original release.



  1. Mr Wainscotting

    ” [From their release:] When an advertised open public meeting was arranged and the Board members and senior Management were invited to be present to inform the public of the plan, not one had the courtesy or courage to attend and explain to the expectant 200 people the plan.”

    Um… The board members probably have better things to do than attend ad hoc open meetings held by finger-waivers and uterus monitors.

    “Our democracy is at risk…”

    Wut? Because health care should be controlled by means of direct democracy. Sure.

    If anything, Southlanders for “Life” are an example of why democracy should stay the fuck out of medicine’s way.

    • QoT

      I wonder if the “expectant” 200 people felt any need to question their assumption that senior DHB officials, who presumably hadn’t responded to their invitation, would just automatically show up to their little shindig.