Antichoicers literally have a playbook

Via ALRANZ, in turn via RH Reality Check.

One thing about being a feminist is that you’re often marginalized or ignored or basically told to shut up because “come on, it’s not like there’s a group of dudes meeting in a dark, smoke-filled room to specifically plan how they’re going to pay women less/dehumanize oppressed groups/ensure rape culture is promoted.”

Well, here you go, sunshines.  A document specifically advising antichoicers to say “mother” instead of “pregnant woman” (the irony of course being that many people who get abortions already have kids!) and “protect unborn children” instead of “ban abortion” and “abortionist” instead of “doctor” – while people who want to restrict your life entirely to the productive abilities of your uterus get to go around using their medical cred to give their arguments weight.

And let’s be clear here – I’ve always had something of a prochoice language playbook in my own head.  I don’t say “pro-life” because that obviously frames opponents as “anti-life” (though they usually just say “pro-baby killing”).  I say “anti-choice”.  But the difference to me is this:  calling a doctor an “abortionist” – when no doctor solely performs abortions – is dishonest framing designed to produce an emotional response.

Calling “pro-lifers” anti-choice is only “framing” in that it rejects their own.  They are opposed to choice.  They do not want pregnant people to be able to choose to have abortions. They are generally also opposed to the choice to use contraception, the choice to have sex outside of marriage, etc.  Their specific goal is enacting legislation to remove people’s choices.

So yeah, I think “anti-choice” fits rather nicely.  So nicely that in their own documents they advise not using the word “choice” at all.

There’s probably an antichoice argument that says “oh, but I do think doctors who perform abortions are so disgusting that it should be called out!”

But let’s look at that list.  That list isn’t about “we think term X is more accurate because …”  That list has a single purpose:  using emotionally-laden language to perpetuate the idea that abortion is icky, that doctors who perform abortions which may save people’s lives are evil, and above all that women are good for nothing but popping out babies.

The document that list comes from?  Is entitled “Defending the Pro-Life Position, and Framing the Issue by the Language We Use.”

Checkmate, anti-choicers.