Southern DHB challenged over giving patients decent treatment

To paraphrase:

Antichoicers who want women to face increased risk of medical complications and potentially death have called Southern DHB liars.

By twisting the English language until it shouted the safeword (“onomatopoeia”), Dr Norman McLean, a particularly sanctimonious wanker, declared that Southern DHB weren’t obliged to provide abortion services in Invercargill because the law doesn’t specify that the abortion services have to be specifically provided in Invercargill.

Southern DHB responded that it does have to provide some level of abortion service, and pointed out that forcing pregnant people to travel for a day in order to have the procedure which they were going to have anyway seemed a bit douchey.

Dr McLean responded by saying that when he talked to all the staff in the Southland obstetric department – anonymously, of course, so they wouldn’t feel pressured or influenced by his professional seniority over them – they were totally against doing anything, except maybe intervening in the case of “complications”.  He did not address the irony that complications are going to be more common when you force pregnant people who are going to have abortions anyway to undertake delays before their procedure.

Several senior doctors had also told Dr McLean’s club of happy woman-haters that the club could totally say they would quit if it would help bully the DHB into not providing the best medical care possible for the pregnant people of Invercargill.

Less-amusingly-written sauce.

And don’t you just dig that snide little “And this one paediatrician said he’d totally quit, too” line at the end?  Completely context-free?  Gosh, I can’t think how anyone would read that as a threat or anything … IF YOU MAKE BETTER CLINICAL DECISIONS FOR PREGNANT PEOPLE I’M GOING TO LET YOUR CHILDREN DIIIIIIIIIE.

Just admit it, Dr McLean.  You hate women.  Oh, not all women, I understand, just those ones who don’t accept their God-given roles as walking incubators for Men’s Seed.  But boy, you do hate those ones.  You’ll even lie about the Hippocratic Oath (I thought that was meant to be kinda a sacred, precious thing – like life, innit? – but apparently not) and endanger people’s lives because you think their uterus is the most important part of their body – and their mind isn’t worth shit.

Let me put it this way, people:  old white pampered douches like Dr McLean are the reason I will only let women doctors down there.  They may get a little earth-mother from time to time, but none of them have ever treated me like a piece of meat.


  1. Captiver

    Thanks for the post QoT. One solution to all the medical peeps who don’t want anything to do with abortion: licence Family Planning clinics to provide an early medication abortion service. But, wait, those same professionals who refuse to participate are usually the same ones fighting tooth and nail to prevent this from happening. Also, be good to see some journalism happen, i.e. if ST would actually go and ask “everyone” in the dept. if they oppose the service.

    • QoT

      It is truly the cold dark core of antichoice bullshit: pretend that you’re all about “conscience” and whinge that prochoicers are “imposing their morality on others” while simultaneously trying to block others – be they pregnant people or medical doctors – from exercising their own consciences, AND trying to pass laws so we all have to submit to their “morality”.

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