Dr Miriam Grossman … the headline almost writes itself

Dr Miriam Grossman was on our televisions tonight.  She’s been brought to New Zealand by Family Fist, who just love her anti-sexuality-education ways.

This is a topic I feel particularly strongly about, so I’m going to go away and work on a bigger, more in-depth post, but I’m going to let you cogitate on her final words on tonight’s Close Up:

“The sexual urge is healthy and wonderful.  It’s when teens act on that urge that it’s not healthy.”

Unpacking that convoluted bit of sex-shaming should keep you busy, but if you want some more background on Dr Grossman:

From Bruce Llama:  Grossman and sex

Feministing: Miriam Grossman is teaching my child what? and discovers a fucking hilarious “sex ed” website based largely on her work (new favourite phrase: YOUR FERTILITY IS A WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY THAT WILL CLOSE)

GayNZ: Who is Miriam Grossman?


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