Quickhit: please get the politicians off Twitter

New Rule for specifically-Labour types:  when I, Scott Yorke, and Danyl McLauchlan are eyerolling at your latest kinghit, it’s probably more of a pawntap.

Anyway, don’t start me on the week I’ve been having, read those dudes’ takes on the whole thing instead:

Imperator Fish (when he’s right, he’s right):

The insinuation that John Key cares enough about Twitter to bother to buy followers, put out there without any evidence whatsoever, is ridiculous. It’s also embarrassing to those Labour followers who give a damn about the more important issues, like asset sales, education, jobs, and growing the economy.


You really need to compare the PM to people like [Piri Weepu, who has 52,000 Twitter followers], or other heads of state. Although there’s still a control problem – how do we know that Piri Weepu hasn’t paid money for Twitter followers???

And when Matthew Hooton (first comment on DP post) is so amazed at your lack of smarts that he even forgets to post a trollish “no way, I think this is a totally great move for Labour” comment?  You’re definitely in trouble.

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