Antichoicer shockingly fails to provide “full information”

Well, would you look at this little tidbit from the Southland Times, an organ which surely I’d never thought would warrant one, much less two posts from my Wellytown-centric blog …

Dr Norman Maclean, a former Southland Hospital obstetrician and the current chairman of Southlanders for Life group

You mean dear, earnest Norman had some kind of … predetermined bias about abortion? And participates in abortion activism?  And didn’t, like, mention this in his very serious, impartial opinion piece on the matter?

Truly, I am flabberghasted.

*is not actually flabberghasted*

Anyway, the story makes much of a meeting organised against Southland DHB’s decision to consider offering services which pregnant Southlanders already use but, due to travel requirements,face more risk undergoing.

Norman also treats us to more of his deep, manly wisdom:

He accepted there were cases in which abortions were necessary, “but not the 16,000 a year as is the case in New Zealand”.

It’s remarkable, you know.  A retired obstetrician from (pardon my metropolitan attitudes) Bumblefuck, Nowhere can actually tell just by concentrating really hard exactly how many abortions are really needed in NZ (not those ones you have at seven months’ gestation just to fit into your prom dress, you shallow US-antichoice movement straw-woman).  And it just happens to be a smaller number than there are now.  Coincidentally, you understand.  Norman’s psychic powers do not lie.

He believed the number of abortions would increase in the south if the service was provided at Southland Hospital.

Yes.  Because pregnant people would, you know, be able to access the healthcare they need.

Let’s play a little mind-game (I’m a woman, it’s a specialty.)  Let’s say you live in a place where the nearest bottle farmer’s market is a three-hour drive away.  But you do like heirloom tomatoes, so once every month you make the effort to drive over the mountains for a shopping trip.  It costs money and time, you probably don’t have the ready cash to buy a whole month’s tomatoes in one go, but you do without because hey, them’s the breaks.

Then a farmer’s market opens in town.

Does your organic local vegetable consumption go up?


Except that when you’re talking about abortion in Southland, you’re talking about heirloom tomatoes which you may not even be able to admit eating to anyone you know.  You’re talking about taking time off work – and finding childcare, because the majority of tomato-eaters have children already – to stay overnight at the farmer’s market, maybe several times before you get your goddamned amazing heirloom tomatoes.  Which incidentally you need to live because you have a chronic tomato deficiency and having no tomatoes may, at best, just forever damage your physical and mental health, at best kill you.

And you live in a society where lack of tomatoes massively increases your chances of being a victim of domestic violence, of being fired or paid less than your coworkers, of having your behaviour policed by everyone conceited enough to think they’re doing you a favour.

Then one day a farmer’s market opens in your town.

Fucking right you’re eating more tomatoes.  Tomatoes which you always needed anyway but that some old fuckhead who’s never needed tomatoes thinks you should just do without because tomato-eating is an abomination unto Nuggan.

But I’m probably just being a silly little girl, here.  Norman knows what women want (he almost certainly doesn’t comprehend that not all pregnant people are women).  Women want him to make their choices for them – even the choices about which choices they have.


*FYI, current pseudolegal abortion practice in NZ?  Never killed anyone.  Except Pweshus Unbornded Feetusses, of course.


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