I RSS so you don’t have to: gay adoption edition

Kevin Hague and Nikki Kaye have put the word out about a private member’s bill they’re working on to allow same-sex couples to adopt.

Our glorious PM has of course decided to reduce this issue to a vague “look at how open-minded I am, gay people!  But I don’t really support their rights, fundies!” commitment to support any such bill to a first reading.  Woohoo.

Now, it should come as no surprise that Patriarchal Enforced Heterosexual Family First is opposed, with the usual unproven whinging about “deliberately creating fatherless/motherless families” (because if your sperm/ovum wasn’t involved you by default cannot be loving, nurturing, protective, or beneficial in a child’s life).

Here’s the fun giveaway, though:

“The purpose of adoption is not to provide a child to adults, but rather to provide a family to a child,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

You see, here’s the odd thing, Bob.  Where Nikki Kaye says things like

“… the approach I am taking would be that you focus on the welfare of the child and that’s not about somebody’s sexuality.”

… she seems equally as child-focused as you.  But she’s not the one assuming that the whole issue is about treating children as accessories (and we all know how [insert stereotype about men with handbags here]).

In fact, that’s more your bag, isn’t it?  How did that tune go?

“By passing the anti-smacking law, [politicians] have completely undermined the authority of good parents and given children a weapon to use against their parents.”

Sorry, I thought we were talking about the right of kids to have a family … but it’s almost like once they’re in a family you want them to shut up and not have any autonomy … nah, that would just be rank hypocrisy, assuming whatever position most allows men like Bob McCoskrie to maintain power over their spouses and kids.  And that wouldn’t be very compassionate and caring at all, would it?


  1. Pascal's bookie

    Haha, good catch.

    And spot about Mr Relaxed too. What a little weasel he is.

    If the bill gets drawn from the ballot then it’ll be fascinating to see which way he jumps. I suspect that if there is enough Nat mp support that it will pass anyway he’ll vote against it, and the converse if it is going the other way. I doubt it’s a fight he actually wants to have, but if forced there are opportunites there for the Nats, as well as dangers.

    While they stand to damage their support with either centrist liberals or conservatives no matter what they do, having Colin Craig’s outfit picking up votes from NZFirst and Labour would be an attractive proposition, even if it also costs National a few points.

    So if it’s going to pass; vote against to mitigate SocCons as much as possible, while not actually worrying that Colin uses it as a nice little earner. Liberal centrists won’t be particulalry happy with him, but the bill will have passed so they’ll be happy enough about that, and if they were Nat voters anyway, they’ll be pleased that enough tories voted for it to get the job done.

    If it’s not going to pass, then vote for it to hold off the centrist liberal rage and ignore the ire of the conservatives who will be too busy gloating at the bills failure to be too upset.

    He’s a rat faced bastard. You watch.

    • QoT

      Of that I have no doubt.

      And in either instance, the answer will be “well it’s only 100 babies anyway so it’s not [radical social engineering]/[hurting that many same-sex couples]”

      • Pascal's bookie

        Yeah. It’s the whole thing of “Yeah well, they should prolly have the right to y’know, whatever it is, fair play to them and that. But ackshully, ahm, I just don’t give a shit to be honest”

        • QoT

          “Well, I don’t ackshully remember how I feel about shame-shex couples raising kids, but you know, one soshul scientist says one thing and I can find half a dozen who say sumthing else.”

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