Tui billboard: Antichoicers just want women to have “full information”

On the Right to Know What We Subjectively Choose To Tell You site, there’s a link which says:

There are a range of independent support organisations there to help them with the decision, pregnancy and beyond.

While noting once more the “they” language – women are so scatter-brained they can’t type URLs correctly, of course – and of course the implied “and your decision will be to continue the pregnancy” message – I figured it would be profitable to assess just want these “support organisations” offer.  It sure as shit isn’t “full information”.

Two of the URLs are broken, for a start.

Pregnancy Counselling Services” have a very informative page about abortion.  It lists every single possible side effect you could possibly experience, including “anger” and “sadness”.  These things only come as a surprise to you if you truly believe that prochoicers spend all our time trying to force women to have abortions with promises of eternal youth and radiance.

We’ve already established in my previous post that antichoicers have no self-awareness whatsoever, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that they feel the need to list that people “who think abortion is wrong” generally have a harder time recovering psychologically after abortions.

No shit, Sherlock.  Maybe if you had a basic grasp of empathy you could’ve figured that out yourselves.

“Pregnancy Counselling Service” also has a page on adoption.  While superficially supportive and letting the reader know that they have a right to withdraw their consent, be supported, etc … what do you know, no big scary bullet-point lists of Possible Side Effects Of Adoption, which I’m pretty sure would also include “Anger” and “Sadness”.

In addition, on the Abortion Will Make You Sad page, there’s a “more information” heading, which leads you to “Post Abortion Trauma Healing Service”.  Here’s their “full information” intro:

When a woman has an abortion the new life being created inside her physically, to whom she is attached at some level emotionally, psychologically and spiritually has been taken from her.

Yep, I’m sure trusting people with that attitude to take care of my mental health.

Family Life Crisis Pregnancy Centre” has a page entitled “The Miracle of Life”, so I think we can probably stop right there in any assessment of their idea of “full information”.  But if you want some giggles, check out the slideshow about foetal development.  I’m sure you’ll agree it was very kindly and carefully written to avoid any kind of emotional blackmail whatsoever.

Here4U” contains little information, some testimonials from happy people who’ve used their services (I’m guessing, probably not people who were bullied out of making the best choice for them), but one glorious little antichoice canard:

How will you know if that choice is right for you?

-You will have a peace in yourself with the decision you make.

Mmmmmm, delicious bullshit.  Hate to break it to anyone reading, but the fact is that sometimes in life we have to make bad decisions.  Sometimes you’re out of spoons, but it’s your friend’s birthday, and either you go – and feel like crap and regret it the next day – or you don’t – and feel really guilty for standing your friend up.  That doesn’t make either decision The Wrong Decision You Will Regret Forever.  It means you have to accept that all your options are shit, and select the least shit of those options depending on your personal circumstances.

This argument is especially douchey for a lot of people who have abortions – people for whom that simply is the best choice, but still not a choice they want to make. Consider a person who gets pregnant, wants to remain pregnant, yet gets diagnosed with a disease the treatment for which will kill the foetus.  Choice:  carry pregnancy to term and risk dying vs terminate wanted pregnancy and live to conceive another day.

Almost nobody on this planet is really going to “be at peace” with either decision.  But it’s one that has to be made, so spending the rest of your life beating yourself up because you were in an incredibly difficult situation is nothing anyone should have to go through.

Oh, wait, unless you’re a callous antichoice dickwad who’s quite comfortable using Hallmark-card oversimplifications of human life to bully women into doing what you want them to do.

The Pregnancy Centre” in Palmerston North offers “A Free Service for All Aspects of Pregnancy”.  Except one.  Guess which one.  I mean, even “Counselling after abortion” is on the list.

The House of Grace” is apparently a residential facility for pregnant teens.  I’m sure despite my inherent wincing at the concept on purely historical grounds that it’s a lovely place.  But, kinda logically, it offers neither “full”, nor any information on abortion.

Saving the best till last, “Mothering Advice” is apparently run by someone who thinks the most important thing to tell you right up front on the “Abortion/Adoption” page is the story of her own miscarriage and how it fuelled her choice-denying fire.

Aaaaaaaand … oh look, nothing about abortion.

You know, for a supposed group of “independent support organisations” who are meant to help you with the decision about your pregnancy, they’re a bit poo.

On a bigger issue:  let’s have a nice big cynical belly-laugh at the word “independent”, up there.  It’s classic antichoice rhetoric, built on the … I don’t have the words to really describe how absurd lie that abortion providers are just in it for the money.  You clearly can’t trust Family Planning, after all, they’re just rolling in the sweet, sweet government dollars they get every year to slaughter precious babies to their dark lord Satan.

Whereas those “clinics” above?  Why, they’re neutral!  They’re both fair and balanced!  You can tell by the way they’re ~independent~, right?

Hell, they’re so neutral about abortion that they … completely refuse to offer women support towards getting abortions.  Boy, what commitment.

For more about the reality behind “crisis pregnancy centres” (sadly US-centric):

This is what I learned at a Virginia Crisis Pregnancy Centre (YouTube)
Beware of Antiabortion Crisis Pregnancy Centers
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Planned Parenthood’s Pregnancy Q&A – gosh, look at all that full information.  Including the second-to-last question which covers this topic nicely.

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