Hands up if you’ve heard this before [truthiness remix]

Imagine if your sister or a close female friend – or you, ’cause you might be a rare literate uterus-haver – was in the early stages of a temporary medical condition. This condition isn’t necessary, may not be wanted, may endanger her life, and if continued will change it forever.

She goes to a clinic where she is told that ending this condition will be murder and give her breast cancer and send her to Hell. But she isn’t told the full facts about her condition, or about the risks associated with all the different choices she has.  She’s lied to.

Imagine if those who were pretending to provide your sister or friend (or you, mythical person-with-womb-who-can-read) with full and frank information about the risks of that operation were actually actively seeking to mislead her in a religious quest to fuck her life up.

In addition, let’s imagine your sister or friend wasn’t provided with adequate information about alternatives to continuing this life-changing condition – there was also no respect for the decision she’d already made, and the delays induced by these so-called “caring people” only increased the difficulty and risk of the choice she was going to make anyway.

Imagine that once she had made a decision, people not only lied to her, but insisted that she had to think things through – like she was just a flighty child who couldn’t make decisions for herself.

Would we think this was ok?

Wouldn’t you want her to have all the important information she needed before going ahead with this irreversible, life changing condition?  Wouldn’t you want to take the people who are lying to her for their own purposes and smack them upside the head?

Our medical system, policy makers, and health code all recognise the importance of making truly informed and free decisions in healthcare. However, when it comes to the issue of abortion, these minimum standards are often not enough. Many NZ women often end up being conned into going to “crisis condition centres” where people claiming the moral high ground attempt to deceive and frighten them into making the choice those people want.

Pregnancy isn’t a risk-free condition, and for many women it certainly isn’t the blissful carriage-ride it’s often portrayed to be, with a range of serious risks associated with it.

Pregnancies can lead to reproductive problems, impossibly strained finances, domestic violence, miscarriages or even infertility and death.

In the worst case scenario abortion can kill you too – but in New Zealand it’s so fucking rare that antichoice liars have to give you – and your sister or female friend, who probably look to your strong manly visage for advice – a single example from Australia with no context, even though they’re having a whinge about pro-choicers not giving you (sorry, your “sister or female friend”, because only cock-possessors can access the Internet) “the full story”.

Those lying bastards will also talk up the risk of “complications”, which are almost certainly only as common as they are in New Zealand because anti-choicers put obstacles in pregnant people’s paths, denying them the ability to have earlier, safer abortions.

Women who obtain abortions are possibly at increased risk of subsequent mental health issues, including major depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.  Antichoice liars want to tell your sister or female friend that this is because abortion will ruin her life, and despite really, truly wanting her to have full information, they strangely won’t acknowledge their part in creating a society which treats women who have had abortions like shit.  Which might not help on the mental health front.

Studies also indicate that antichoice douchewads are fond of phrases like “post-abortive women”, which emphasise how you will be forever marked and shamed by exercising your reproductive choice.  They aren’t fond of thinking about whether calling people who have had abortions “babykillers” might have something to do with increased suicide risk.  Or the innovative idea that women who have abortions might already have mental health issues – hence not having the spoons to carry a pregnancy to term – or that any “long-lasting psychological suffering” could possibly have roots in a culture which denies them full information and compassion during a difficult time.

They want to pretend to care about people who have had abortions who feel an increase in sadness or depression or anxiety as time passes, but they won’t think about whether the pressure to bottle those feelings up, to not talk about it, to feel eternally conflicted because of antichoice rhetoric plays any part in that.

Women have the right to know about all of the reasonable risks associated with abortion, and the harms that could result. They have the right to full and frank information, so that they can be empowered to make a free and fully informed choice.

They should also know that abortion is many, many times safer than carrying a pregnancy to term, that abortion will not increase their risk of breast cancer, that people will support them no matter what their situation or decision (unlike certain others who’ll bully and berate them right up until the baby crowns and then vanish in a puff of smoke).

Women also have the right to know about all the different options available to them without those options being portrayed as the only ones which won’t inevitably render them traumatised soulless shedevils.

This shouldn’t be about the politicisation of information, and it certainly shouldn’t be about massively over-emphasising the negative emotional issues around abortion, which is nothing if not politicising it. Instead women should be trusted with all of the available facts, and then allowed the freedom and space to make a properly informed decision – which is a far cry from the antichoice desire to impose mandatory waiting periods just in case the silly little girls crack under their advanced interrogation techniques.

Women should also be trusted to know their own minds, but antichoicers don’t think walking uteri have minds (it’s also why they don’t comprehend that not only women have abortions, because walking uteri don’t have gender.)

Let’s trust women, and not hide important facts and information from them when they are faced with one of the most difficult and life altering decisions they will ever have to make.

Let’s trust women, and not lie to them, trick them with the trappings of real health clinics, insist that they can’t be fully informed if they’re not weeping, hating themselves, and choosing not to have abortions.


Women do have a Right to Know.  Unfortunately, Pro-Fucking Your Life Up NZ only want them to know their side of the story.  But it’s okay, I fixed it for them.


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