SlutWalk 2012 roundup

SlutWalk Wellington (and Christchurch, and Perth) was yesterday.  While the turnout wasn’t up to last year’s, I thought it was a great event.  Minus the abusive drunken heckler who seemed determined to insist that “no one should call themselves a slut” while labelling those who did so “cunts”.  Slightly mixed message, there, mate.

Anyway, here’s what others had to say.  If you weren’t there yourself, check out:

MJ’s speech

(And MJ’s speech from last year)

Brooklynne’s speech

(And Brooklynne’s speech from last year)

ETA: Natalie Gousmett’s speech (Natalie is from Wellington Rape Crisis)

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DomPost reporting (the comments, at time of drafting this, surprisingly in the positive category)


  1. Tamsin

    Ugh, the heckler. He was standing close to me and my flatmate and we went and challenged him… I started the argument but for some reason all of his insults and threats of violence were directed at my (male) flatmate.
    But yes, it was good apart from that incident.

  2. notbigondignity

    Thanks for this. If you want Natalie’s speech you can grab it from the Wellington Rape Crisis group fb page. (Or I could send it to you, watch your emails)

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