Not much to report on tonight.  Class sizes are going up, prescription costs are going up, John Banks is somehow still an elected representative of the people of Epsom (to be fair, a majority of them may well aspire to a life of helicopter trips and bags of cash), Elliot Turner’s defence lawyers think “but he loved her so he can’t have killed her” is some kind of compelling argument, and Labour screwed the pooch on The Nation (either because of leadership wank or because of sheer incompetence, I don’t mind which you pick.)

Roll on the weekend!  Just one more day to go …

(And if you’re in Wellington on Sunday, do join us at SlutWalk.)


  1. Deborah

    Oy indeed.

    See you at Slutwalk. I’ll be the middleaged woman accompanied by my 13 year old daughter – I’m so proud that she wants to go on the walk with me this year. My younger girls are keen too, but I want them to be able to explain what it’s all about a little better before they come on it. They’re going to the zoo with their father to see the baby meerkats instead.