Gold star for consistency, minus a million for still being a stupid idea

Tariana Turia on Q&A, regarding smoking:

“If I’m being really honest, I don’t think that having a substance that kills people should be allowed to be sold.”

HURRAH!  Some actual internal consistency from a member of the anti-smoking brigade.

It is of course an internal consistency limited to the smoking debate itself (other “substances” that kill people which Turia isn’t advocating banning: cars, guns, pregnancy – especially teen Maori pregnancy, which is apparently just choice).

But, like the rare prolifer who admits that parental notification has fuck-all to do with parents’ “rights” and is just a stepping stone to full banning of abortion, the honesty is refreshing.


  1. Armchair Critic

    I don’t feel refreshed. Mrs Turia clearly is insufficiently firm in the strength of her convictions to actually do something about them. “Smokefree by 2025” is as much a load of crap as “balance the books by 2015”. So the only valid conclusion is that she’s not being really honest.
    And WTF is refreshing about a politician that is not really honesty? I thought they were dime a dozen.

    • QoT

      What you say about “Smokefree by 2025” is true – however, I’m still mildly pleased to see someone own up to what they believe, instead of the wishy-washy ASH-types who try to fudge things by saying “Oh, we just want to stop the ~harm~ caused by tobacco”.