Recommended depressed reading: Something is rotten in the state of New Zealand

Diane Revoluta has a great post up about, to apply my own interpretation, the clear slippage of John Key’s facade since the last election:

Did John Key sit up and take notice? No. In fact, John Key’s response to thousands of New Zealanders spending their lunch break protesting on the streets (and thousands more supporting them from around the country on Twitter, Facebook and other online forums) was this:

“How many people did they have? Ok, where was it? [laughs] Well, OK, no I wasn’t aware of it.”

That link doesn’t take you to, say, a post on the Standard quoting a report from some regional newspaper no one cares about – that’s TVNbloodyZ reporting this stuff.

The bit which I think needs to be reprinted on t-shirts, posters and billboards overlooking every major motorway in New Zealand is this:

Last night, Key appeared on Campbell Live for perhaps one of his longest and most pressing interviews in some time. For this, people congratulated him. They said that John Key had ‘fronted up’ and YOU GO JOHN KEY, YOU GO for doing so. John Key deserves no praise for finally agreeing to an interview with a reputable journalist.

We deserve better.  We should expect more.  I’m just depressed at the notion of trying to get a nation where the Woman’s Weekly boasts a readership of 771,000 to give a crap about their glorious smiling-and-waving leader having all the integrity of a cornflake.  Who cares as long as we know where he and Bronagh plan to spend the long weekend, right?