New rule: Jezebel

I made a decision a wee while ago to just unfollow anyone on Twitter who retweeted anything from Jezebel (in a non-criticising way).  This article at Racialicious, “A Historic Guide to Hipster Racism“, has provided some bolstering of that decision:

Last week at Racialicious HQ, we were delighted to see the term “hipster racism”–coined by our very own Carmen Van Kerckhove in 2006*–suddenly enter mainstream parlance, thanks to Jezebel’s publication of Lindy West’s “A Guide to Hipster Racism.”

There was only one glitch. While West linked to one Racialicious post (a short piece Carmen wrote in 2007 about white girls and gang signs) she never once name-checks Racialicious or Carmen…or any of our amazing pals and allies who have been writing about this stuff since the main target was Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls (i.e. a long time ago).

Of course, prior to that nice example of a white author getting kudos off the backs of concepts elaborated by writers of colour, there was the whole ridiculous, contemptible “let’s let one of our friends blog pseudonymously about how consent is so passe” thing, and countless incidents of the commentariat establishing itself as firm defenders of white middle-class ciswomen’s rights to ignore the existence of all oppression beyond their own.

Sorry, Jezebel.  I’m just not that into you.

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