Oops, Bernard Moran’s privilege is showing

[Trigger warning: Holocaust, forced sterilisation]

Bernard Moran, new president of Voice for Controlling Women Life, really understands the tough issues around getting wimminz back in the kitchen the abortion debate:

“I grew up in a time where blacks were called [redacted] and Jews were called [redacted] and people were treated as sub-human. “

Because as we all know that kind of thing never happens these days, right?  Anyone?  Bueller Mel Gibson/George Zimmerman?

There’s something so amazingly distasteful about the way pampered gentile antichoicers like to exploit the Holocaust to make their fight to lock up my uterus look somehow noble, part of a grand lineage of Fighting For What’s Right.

Of course the fact that the Nazis were down with removing people’s reproductive choices (whether through taking away their ability to have children or by applying immense pressure to have as many as possible, depending on one’s race/ethnicity) never seems to get much of a mention.  The irony might provide some kind of personal insight, and we can’t have that.

(It’s not a Godwin if they bring up Nazis first.)

H/T the most excellent and helpful ALRANZ abortion news round-up, and minor kudos to the Taranaki Daily News for using “anti-abortion” and not “pro-life”.


  1. Draco T Bastard (@DracoTBastard)

    The only reason why abortion is even a discussion topic is because TPTB are/were concerned with having a stronger fighting force. More people = more soldiers to fight for the privilege of the rulers.

    Today it’s more likely to be that without growth in the population the markets won’t grow and profits will stagnate eventually bringing about a Crisis in Capitalism and we can’t have that else all the BS that the conservatives use to justify enriching the already rich will be shown as the hogwash it is.

    • QoT

      And don’t forget the racism tied up in that – we could always make up any “shortfall” with immigration, but that would mean eventually profits going to brown people.