Father’s creepy control issues garner media sympathy for no discernable reason

Let’s play a game, dear readers.

What is the most ridiculously fucked up thing about this story?

Is it:

a)  The truly astounding levels of entitlement displayed by the bio-douche involved

b)  The fact this even made it to court

c)  How the bio-douche’s utterly scary entitlement complex is only heightened by the fact the pregnant woman has said she doesn’t intend to abort, thus meaning he wants to legally force her to give up custody of an apparently wanted child

d)  The fact that news.com.au seriously thought that “Desperate father asks court to prevent abortion” (or, in the URL, “Father’s desperate abortion fear”) wasin any wayan appropriate headline?

I’m going with D, personally.  Protip, patriarchy:  subtext needs more sub.


  1. annanonymous

    There’s a lot to hate about this. Another thing that troubled me is that she’s sixteen and he’s described as a man. There could be nothing untoward about this whatsoever, but I do wonder if there’s a power differential going on – or whether the man in question was in the relationship because he thought there might be a power differential. After all, his control issues are fairly obvious.

    • QoT

      That jumped out at me, too – the kindest interpretation is that he’s 18 and thus legally “a man” (although plenty of people in the mainstream media would still call an 18 or even 20-year-old woman a “girl”, but that’s a whole other matter) and thus there’s not a much-older-man, much-younger-woman dynamic – but as you say, there’s clearly some power differential in play.

      • annanonymous

        Since she has a child by a previous relationship, she’s clearly been a victim of statutory rape. That’s not a clear cut issue, of course – wanted sex with a boy of similar age is different from sex under duress with an older and more powerful man. Even so, it’s possible that this young woman’s life has been a story of sexual exploitation by clowns, beginning when she was a child. And now that exploitation has moved into the new arena of the court room. It’s hard to imagine this experience being positive for a young woman parenting alone, her baby, or the unborn child that the father is so very, very concerned about. You’d think all this would raise some serious questions about society’s responsibility to the wellbeing of women and children. You’d think wrong, though.

        • QoT

          I’m sure somehow, if this gets any media follow-up, we’ll be treated to a great lesson in slut-shaming.

  2. lolosofocused

    At first I thought it was a Father trying to prevent his daughter from having an abortion, totally creeped me out at first… But after re-reading yeah I think I’m gonna go with all the above especially seeing as she never intended on having an abortion in the first place!

  3. balanda


    And WTF this making it to court. My partner’s a legal aid family lawyer and regularly tells these kinds of men to piss off when they call up wanting assistance. The law was fairly clear nationwide I would’ve thought?

    Everything about this article is disgusting.