Oh, I say, what a cad, mm, what?

An Australian has been charged in connection with a protest which disrupted “England’s iconic Oxford-Cambridge boat race”.

I assume his Australian-ness was important enough to mention on the front page of Stuff because it means we can all sit back and congratulate ourselves that no Kiwi would dare offend Old Mother Blighty’s sacred rituals in such a way, or something.

And obviously he’s caused a great injustice because, would you believe it, chaps, bloody Cambridge walked away with the title!  I say, damn poor job, &c.

… are we serious, here?  I get Easter weekend is a slow news period, but surely it would have been more efficient to just have a ticker running across the top of the Stuff front page saying “Imperative to feel pathetic attachment to elitist traditions of colonial forebears!  Derive nationalist pride in being well-behaved little colonist children!  Dem those demmed Aussies!”