Maybe he was PMSing

Alasdair Thompson, creepy bullying sexist pig extraordinaire, has lost in his (and his wife’s!) complaint against the Broadcasting Standards Authority.  A complaint which basically reads “how dare you quote my exact sexist words, you’re making me look sexist!”

The lack-of-self-awareness factor is heightened with a touch of “you breached my staff’s privacy!  Of course I probably breached it first by talking about them on camera to a journalist to prove some point I had about how you bitches just need to choose between babies and A Real Job, but how dare you do your job by broadcasting that!”

Take it away, BSA majority:

“It is our firm view that if the item caused any harm to Mr Thompson’s reputation and dignity, this was not a product of unfair editing on the part of the broadcaster, but was the result of how Mr Thompson chose to conduct himself in the interview and was largely self-imposed.”

Hey now.  Maybe his hormones were just running wild and he wasn’t rational enough to make a serious career decision, right?  He would never normally loom over women and threateningly insist he’s not a bully, of course, so maybe it was just that time of the … oh, you know where I’m going.