Today in bizarre spam

My spam folder was heating up again, so I figured I’d share the highlights of what got cleansed.

First conclusion:  spammers are getting oddly specific in their targets, this time trying to appeal to my New Zealand film industry-centred patriotism.

PS I sympathise with your desire to see more of India’s infinite riches of culture and nature… creativity and beauty… and yet can you imagine the impossibility for those of us who can only make the rarest of rare journeys to your land… and one where your filming has ranged so widely over the most amazing terrains conceivable that you have SURELY seen more than almost any other of India’s inhabitants…

The alternative is that someone, somewhere, had the epiphany that a lot of countries put pride in their film industries, so this would score big hits.  Just … maybe not on posts about abortion law reform?

Also, confused about why we’re specifically bagging India.  In spam from something alleging to be air-conditioning-related.

Second up:  the ever-hilarious “link exchange” proposal.

Would you be inquisitive about exchanging hyperlinks?

I would be very inquisitive as to who the heck falls for this these days.  You want to link to my site?  Go for it.  I’ll link to yours if I find it interesting.  But then, plenty of people still honestly think a complete stranger from [insert country here] has died childless and just wants their $MegaFortune to go to someone with the [insert your misspelled surname here] family name, so I can’t pretend to be too surprised.

Finally, a big shout-out to all the bots who decided a post plugging a blog called Fat and Slutty was the right place for weightloss tips, and all the terribly confused people who just love my blog layout yet don’t notice how the name of the theme is right there at the bottom of the page.  I’m sorry I can’t help you.

~This post brought to you by the Campaign to Make QoT Blog More Regularly, Real Life Be Damned~