Death with dignity

NRT reports that “death with dignity” / assisted suicide / voluntary euthanasia is back on the cards in Parliament.


If you’ve spent five minutes on this blog you’ll probably have picked up that I am rabidly prochoice, and that my prochoiceness rests on an unshakeable belief in the right to bodily autonomy.  Unlike your standard anti-choice but pro-war/pro-death penalty US fundy (it’d be a strawman argument if I hadn’t met so many) I have some honest-to-goodness consistency in my beliefs.  And I firmly believe that people have the right to choose when they die.  The fact that we even have to argue this in the face of the usual terminal illness/degenerative disease exemplars, when people want to go out on their own terms and as themselves and not fade away unconscious or unthinking or unable to live with any kind of meaning …

Yeah, suffice it to say I’m in favour.

And so’s this man, who’s far more intelligent and eloquent than me, so if you won’t listen to me you might like to listen to him.



  1. Mr Wainscotting

    After watching my grandfather waste away, stuck in a hospital bed for 17 months after having a stroke, I am myself staunchly pro-choice as well. Also, my sister-in-law’s an ED nurse, and after seeing the people come in and out of her care, she gave us clear instructions to pull the plug.

  2. annanonymous

    I’m in your camp too, QoT. I do think there are important practical and ethical issues to discuss in how euthanasia can be made to work with appropriate safeguards – which is one more reason I get annoyed with the crude ‘slippery slope’ anti-arguments put up by fundies and so on. The standard anti-choice argument is ‘allow anyone any bodily autonomy whatsoever and nek minnit everyone is killing and eating small children’.