Recommended reading: Giovanni Tiso on Shearer’s speech

I admit I’m biased because Gio said lovely things to me on Twitter and refers to me as an “esteemed colleague”, but nevertheless:

And here’s the part where I get genuinely impatient with some of my friends in Labour when they suggest that the speech didn’t signal a shift to the right. Of course it did. When Shearer says that the party will be ‘thrifty’, he means that it will prioritise balancing the budget over social spending or stimulating the economy. When he says that he will reassess the fiscal proposals that Labour took into the last election according to whether they fit within his vision of a future-oriented New Zealand, he’s ruling out any redistributive reform of the tax system on the grounds that it would lack a strategic focus on growth.

Plus plenty more stuff including some musings on Kiwi Foo, and who is Shearer listening too?


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