Wish fulfilment: negging edition

I’m trying to get myself blogging more regularly again- does it show?  So expect a few more not-really-posts like this one, which chiefly exists to plug an xkcd comic!

Gods forbid I admit that occasionally my critics have a tiny, weeny little stub of a point (gosh I’m subtle) but sometimes things can all seem a bit negative and angry-making in the QoT ‘verse … mainly I blame that on having a decent level of awareness of the bullshit around us, and succumbing to mainstream media too often.  Anyway, the upshot is it’s good to laugh.

And it’s good, even in 2d comic form, to see douchebags get their comeuppance for once.


    • QoT

      Indeed. I paused to comment back here midway through, though. “If the penis isn’t evil, why did they get H R Giger to design it” is the new motto of my life.