Still alive

Well, it’s nearly a month since my last post … c’est la vie.  Specifically, c’est ma vie at the moment.

But important stuff is still going on, so thank Satan and all his little wizards that we have people like Idiot/Savant in the Kiwi lefty blogosphere.  Now watch as I shamelessly siphon his thoughts.

First up, the good news: Mojo Mathers gets to do her job.  Not sure why the heck that became such a drama.  Unless ableism is a real thing and privileged white hetero cismen like Lockwood Smith have managed to get through their entire lives to date without having to even consider such basic things as “being able to hear what is being said around them so they can participate in the conversation.”

The bad news:  Len Brown appears to be a total fucking sellout, (the theory in comments at The Standard is he’s just overawed by Port management, which is .. seriously tragic) and Peter Dunne is happy to wiggle through the loopholes in his avowed policy to retain the baubles of office.  One of these surprises me more than the other, but probably shouldn’t.

Still, there’s a silver lining; we can at least hope the Government would be slightly embarrassed by a big negative response, so follow I/S’ advice and make a submission.

And if you still need to get the blood boiling, remember that people convicted over the terrible crime of The Gay before law reform still have those convictions on their records, and they don’t get the benefit of clean slate legislation.  Hurrah for our tooootally liberal society.