David Farrar and Cathy Odgers: two bigname bloggers join the prochoice cause!

Rejoice, friends!  Two of the heavyweights of the Kiwi blogosphere today announced that they not only support a comprehensive overhaul of our current reproduction-related legislation, but they are going to make affordable, accessible contraception, abortion and sterilisation available to all New Zealanders their number one priority!

“It just makes economic sense, drongo,” Cactus Kate/Cathy Odgers said in a comment on The Hand Mirror.  “Poor people are too stupid to just stop having sexual relationships, so there’s a killing to be made in selling RU-486 over the counter at dairies.”

“I love freedom and personal responsibility,” David Farrar added.  “Anyone who tries to stop pregnant people accessing safe, early abortion is basically just like Robert Mugabe.”

A Curia study released mere hours before the joint announcement found that 68% of New Zealanders agreed that “letting people control their fertility was a basic human right which would also decrease the costs of the welfare state”, while 52% concured with the statement, “Fuck Bob McCoskrie, prochoice is where the money’s at now.”

Oh wait.  No.  That didn’t happen.  Because it’s much more in line with the Tories of our fair country to attack people for having “too many children” and “making poor choices” and yet ignore a real, practical way to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies in this country.  Because that would piss off the fundies.

CK herself thinks the proper capitalist solution is to pay people not to have babies (sadly her math doesn’t include the increased costs to the taxpayer of actually training and maintaining sufficient medical professionals and facilities to have abortions … I guess they’re just expected to be abstinent?)

DPF has said “I think it would be appropriate to amend the law to reflect the practice.” but if you can find him explicitly raising this as a thing which needs to happen at the same time as he’s supporting Cactus Kate’s take on events?  I’d love to see it.  Instead, we get “Of course there are situations, where even the best of planning fails, but this is the exception, not the rule.”

How prochoice of him.

Instead, they just all-but-say, “if you can’t afford the kids you have, I don’t care why.  You should’ve been psychic, and then your kids wouldn’t be starving now.  Not my problem.”

H/T Julie Fairey, who raises several other excellent points against that bullshit; and Danyl of Dim Post, for hosting a comment thread just full of such cryptovicious class hatred.

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  1. Craig

    Problem is that there are pro-choice libertarians and classical liberals- even within the UK Conservative and US Republican parties. I imagine that there are also pro-choice centre-right social liberals who don’t subscribe to the religious social conservative argument. As much as we’d like to think otherwise, we don’t all line up on the side of the social democratic angels. Such is tactical cobelligerency and parliamentary legislative , unfortunately. Remember, Ruth Richardson and Jenny Shipley are also pro-choice…