One white girl’s random thoughts on Waitangi Day

Monarchy NZ think this is a totally inappropriate day to be thinking about our constitutional future, as the Republicans are suggesting.  When the fuck do they think an appropriate time would be?

The media (and Pita Sharples) is making a lot out of two of Hone Harawira’s cousins leading the protests today.  You’re in Northland.  They’re angry Maori people.  What did you think the odds were that they weren’t Hone Harawira’s cousins?

Commenter-trolls at The Standard are trying to stir up the old “full, fair and final” argument for Treaty settlements.  I don’t think they’ve really considered what “fair” compensation would be for having one’s land and 150+ years of its productive use stolen, not to mention those hard-to-quantify “attempts to eliminate our culture and language” and “alcoholism and venereal disease” injustices.

Another day when my white privilege is emphasised; because the greatest amount of angst I am able to feel can basically be summed up as “Waa, brown people are going to point out the historical reality of colonialism (and this is the one day of the year that gets talked about, and even then they get ridiculed), waa my poor fee fees.”

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