Oh, that explains it

Immediately post-election, Danyl at Dim Post commented, while predicting David Cunliffe would become leader but not necessarily to the betterment of Labour,

What does it say that Carmel Sepuloni .. wasn’t rated highly enough to get back in on the list because it was more important to get Darien Fenton and Rajen Prasad back into Parliament?

Well, obviously it says that they totally knew what they were doing, as Darien’s awesome, forthright, hard-hitting defence of the workers Labour represents and loves shows.

Yesterday Labour industrial relations spokeswoman Darien Fenton, who has been spotted on the picket line at the port, said her party was not taking sides in the dispute.

“We’ve been hoping that the parties will settle this, that they’ll find a way through this.”

“Our strong view at this point is it’s not helpful for politicians to get involved.”

Oops.  Well, at least she gets to be Junior Whip.  And post at Red Alert.


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