That man deserves a DB

… but probably doesn’t need me to buy one for him:

DB Breweries’ managing director, Brian Blake has lambasted the organisers of a Lake Hayes home brew competition after it banned local woman Rachel Beer from entering purely because of her gender.

Mr Blake says he cannot believe the archaic attitude of the event’s organizers, and wonders if they realise it’s 2012 and not the Stone Age.

It doesn’t quite take the edge off that whole Radler debacle, but Brian: you’re a dude.  And not just because you used “lambasts” in a press release.



  1. LadyNews

    I just read another article about this, and it included this line:

    (Show president Mike Smith) “If Rachel – I think that was the name of the girl – has got some good suggestions in the future she can bring it to the committee and we can cater to everyone’s needs.”

    Ugh. First of all, she’s clearly a woman, not a girl. And secondly, not even knowing her name (or pretending not to)?? Fail. To me, that actually made the guy come off as even worse than he already did before.

    (this is the article, from the ODT: )

    • QoT

      And, at the same time as not knowing her name, he presumes the familiarity of using her first name, AND undermines her by saying “if she has any GOOD suggestions”, AND doesn’t seem to fucking get that there’s ONE SUGGESTION, MIKE: STOP BEING A SEXIST DOUCHEBAG AND LET WOMEN COMPETE.

      I mean, this isn’t rocket science, surely.