The power of a missing word, Texas forced pregnancy edition

[Trigger warning:  medical sexual abuse, rape culture]

Texas’ forced-ultrasound law has been upheld.

Wait, no.

Texas’ forced-vaginal-ultrasound law has been upheld.

Funny how at no point in the Stuff/Thomson Reuters article on the subject is it made clear that this is not just “and now I put some cold gel on your belly” procedure that your average reader will be familiar with from every TV show’s treatment of pregnancy ever.

Nope, this is a “and now I shove a probe up your vagina and lecture you about how you’re killing a baby and you have to lie there and take it in order to get a legal medical procedure” procedure.

I’m sure we can all think of another word that might apply.


  1. NickS

    Texas’ forced-vaginal-ultrasound law has been upheld.

    Because nothing says “completely, utterly, medically unnecessary” quite like that /vomit

    And frankly the appeals court fucked up with a far too wide interpretation of Planned Parenthood v. Casey, as medical providers already have to provide a high level of medical information, to which the Texas law adds nothing more than another barrier to access and further cost. Though the medico’s should’ve argued on the basis of patients rights under Roe VS Wade and other cases dealing with barriers to abortion instead of solely free speech. Although given the lack of any paying any attention to these little facts by the appeals court, that method may have also failed….

    Also, add TVNZ to the list of lying-by-omission bastards as well.

    • QoT

      Well, it’s not about the facts, is it, it’s about slowly tightening what’s permitted in terms of reproductive choice until there’s nothing left.

      I am trying to find humour in the fact that US rightwing fundies are appalled by the notion of “activist judges” … until it’s one of their own. I am probably failing.

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