The more things change, etc.

Family Fist have ushered in 2012 with a poll of teenagers on sex ed.  It’s fairly predictable, so my response is in bullet point format:

  • LOL, Curia “Market Research”.
  • Apparently we should teach values, which currently aren’t being taught, but shouldn’t teach things like “it’s okay to play with a person’s privates if they consent”, which isn’t a value.
  • Majority of teens felt parents “should be told”.  This obviously means “doctors must violate patient confidentiality” and not, say, that the majority of teens who get pregnant would tell their parents – I mean, that’s only what we filthy prochoicers have always said usually happens anyway.
  • Teenagers’ views largely reflect their parents’.  TRULY THIS IS SHOCKING.  I mean, it’s not like parents are in any position to influence their children’s views or anything.

But I’m sure some intern at Stuff will get paid to write this all up like it’s relevant, accurate, reliable, or news.


  1. Anita

    I’m curious about the ethics of surveying teenagers.

    I wonder if they asked for parental consent, or even ensured they were informed.

    • QoT

      An excellent point! Of course the first thing that leapt to my mind is that, given their attitudes towards children-as-parental-possessions, they probably didn’t ask the teens at all – “So, Mr Smith, does your daughter believe you should be told if she’s pregnant?”

        • NickS

          That’s a rather interesting choice of age bracket…

          And if we could see the raw data and methodologies I’d bet we’d see a very nice crop of first year statistical-sampling mistakes that skew the results and make them statistically non-representative. Which is already indicated by results that seem rather strange, like they sampled only a specific sub population of that age bracket.

          Not that the muppet will confirm or deny anything.

          Also lawl @ the firmly patriarchal, authoritarian (con.Christians rulezors) Family First asking kids what they think. Mmmmmm delicious irony…

  2. Arthur on MemeSpreeNZ

    Just for posterity, this is the same Curia what is David P Farrer’s company, who do all of National’s internal polling? The same David Farrer who spear-headed the “Winson Peters Is An Illegal (Candidate)” story in the dying days of the last election?

    I mean, I want to be sure we’re not talking about some kind of politically-neutral polling company I’ve never heard of before.

    I’d hate to go off half-cocked like that.