If only our silly feminine intuition counted as “proof”

No Right Turn has the skinny on what happens when you call National’s bluff on the gender pay gap:

… in order to get evidence that a gender pay gap exists, you need evidence that a gender pay gap exists.

Well, isn’t that helpful?


  1. Draco T Bastard

    I’ve held for awhile that employees need to see the books. They need to see what the business income is and where it’s going and they need to know how much the position that they’re in is worth to the business so that know that they’re not being ripped off.

    As long as this secrecy is that seems endemic to our socio-economic system is maintained then there will be a misallocation of resources.

    • QoT

      You’d think transparency about pay would be a good thing as far as capitalists are concerned, because it would prove that higher productivity / better performance / harder work got rewarded.

      This would unfortunately require our rightwingers to actually be committed to capitalism, instead of greed.