Quickhit: election squick edition

In the mall, Mr Key gets a mixed reaction. The usual adoring punters, especially women, are photographed with him and often get a rub on the back in return as they pose for the camera.

I can’t pinpoint why this is setting off my vom reflex.  The awkward/inappropriate touching angle?  The fact it’s spun as positive?  The extra-rich saroma of Eau de Smile&Wave?



  1. felix


    Who rubs a stranger on the back?? What does he think it means??

    He’s just a weird dude in so many ways.

    • QoT

      I was instantly reminded of George W’s intensely creepy surprise-shoulder-rub on Angela Merkel.

    • NickS

      I wouldn’t have even done that before I became properly socialised…

      It’s just weird, and something that seems creepy to do to a stranger.