Lament of the Gen Y

Just left the tiniest of rants on this post at The Standard and wanted to save it for posterity.

As I say in it, I do appreciate that saving is a thing Kiwis are bad at, and god knows as a smug white university-educated Auckland-born woman who’s managed to buy her first home before the age of 30, I do have occasional authoritarian twinges where my brain about how Some People Just Won’t Take Care Of Themselves.*

I then stomp on those twinges with big hobnailed boots because that way lies voting for ACT.

Anyway, it goes thusly:

I get that people need to save.  I get that Kiwis are pretty bad at this.

But some angry little part of me really, really resents fuckin’ baby boomers who got free varsity education, or didn’t need a varsity education to get a good career, who got cheap houses at low interest rates, who could raise a family on a single income and then decided investment property was the way to go after other/overlapping members of their generation fucked everyone’s faith in other investments, and thus in a multitude of ways made it so fucking hard for people my age to save and buy a house and service a mortgage, now want to say “Naughty children, you have to save for your retirement instead of paying down your mortgage / paying off the debt you accrued because your parents raised you in a value-free consumerist society!”

It’s full of generalisations and based on a solid foundation of “it’s not faaaaaaaair”, but you know?  It’s another reason I (despite actually being quite chuffed Labour has bitten gently gummed the bullet on the retirement age, though Idiot/Savant provides more than sufficient cynicism to balance that out) just can’t get behind Labour this election.

I hereby full acknowledge that I do expect too much in my dreams of a party which addresses things like private debt and lack of savings by actually challenging the basis of our self-obsessed consumer culture.  But a girl’s got to dream.


*It gets especially bad when viewing those television ads with the woman saying “It doesn’t seem like real money, you know?” WHAT DO YOU THINK IT IS, WOMAN aaaaargh *stomp stomp stomp*


  1. C. Arthur Monteath-Carr

    Thank you oh so very much for succinctly putting my complaints about GODDAMN FUCKING BABY BOOMERS in much more eloquent terms than I ever will.

    I once had a big rant to my boss and rest of the team at my old job when they were working through generational profiling in terms of sales and characterised Gen X and Y as being “the most selfish generation.” Um, yeah. We’re not the ones who created a whole system built on endless consumption, indoctrinated us with the (totally awesome) G I Joes and Transformers and My Little Ponies and such; we’re the ones who, when we behave as you taught us to with our instant finance, student loans, unaffordable housing and then moan about it, you call us whingers.

    First world problems, huh?

    Anyway, I’m reading through your blog for the first time today and this is the first post (or second) post I’ve felt the urge to comment on. I like your views and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.