Quickhit: World of Warcraft WTF edition

Would you like some Orientalism with your Orientalism?

Mr Q is crouched in a corner insisting this is just Blizzard trolling the fuck out of its fanbase.  I wish he were correct.

Unfortunately for snark purposes my brain can’t get past “PANDARIA? PANDARENS? Seriously, PANDARIA???”


  1. NickS

    Heh, I forgot about that when I was watching the trailer and frowning at the crappy artwork.

    And Mr Q’s sort of right, but instead of trolling for teh lulz they’re trolling for cash and trying to keep the Skinner Box captives away from the new shiny MMO’s with semi-fresh ideas.

    Like the supper snarky Asurans in Guild Wars 2, who I’d roll as if I didn’t know that MMO’s are probably more addictive for me than RPG’s, and Civ style games…

  2. Dan

    Yeeeeeeeeeah. I mean, they’re no less stupid than anything else in the game (blue goat people from spaaaaaaace!) but I can’t get past the names or the pseudo “east” appropriation either.