Well I’ve certainly been put in my place

I’ll be Cossack-dancing like a good little red into the voting booth after this one:

Curran today said she didn’t want to comment. ”I’m not taking it any further. I think there has been enough in the blog-osphere about it, with people going feral, so I’m not going to fuel that further.”

An excellent choice of words, I think.


PS. Lew, I think the hyphen in “blog-osphere” means you win this round.



  1. Craig Ranapia

    Oh, I don’t know — I’m kind of impressed by Curran’s perfectly executed passive-aggressive meta-troll (*) with a triple-axel “I’m the real victim here” flounce to conclude.

    (* This is a complex move where you throw a bucket of offal into a blog post, then pretend to be shocked at the entirely predictable result. Kids, do not try this at home.)

    • QoT

      Shut up, Craig! She has a guy with a sob story to justify randomly attacking other parties of the left! She’s all righteous and shit so she’s allowed to “be angry” if by “be angry” we mean “accusing the Greens of undermining Labour deliberately through vindictive having-actual-policies-and-credibility”!